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Author Topic: Kasey Storm - Mommy Rides Her Son  (Read 7 times)

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30 June 2016, 17:03
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*** I've had a couple encounters with my Son and have decided to make him my travel partner when I'm gone on business. Mommy ALWAYS needs some stress relief when I'm on the road!! This particular trip I'm taking him with me to the Tenn mountain area.....show him some of what Mommy is REALLY all about......Mommy does it best BUT being a Country Gal I'm REALLY at the top of my game!

My thoughts often turn to the first Handjob...my baby boy was so hard......then to the Blowjob......God I get so fucking wet thinking about that.....And our PlayRoom??? DAMNNNNNNN it's my favorite place on the grounds now! His young COCK was so eager to be taken by Mommy! But lately he's been whinny and moping around......I think it's time Mommy gets to the bottom of this!!

I decide to do a little shopping while my baby boy sleeps in. It's a most successful shopping venture indeed, But I can't help but reflect back on my baby and his mood lately so I return to the room to find out WHAT is going on!

I walk in to find him still laying around and sulking. Ok....whats up sweetheart you aren't yourself! My baby boy begins telling me how his girlfriend has dumped him for a more experienced college boy! OH HELL NO! We'll have NONE of that! It seems he needs a "Little more" experience in pleasing the ladies and stamina......let the lessons begin!

My sweet innocent Baby Boy what lessons Mommy has in store for you! Let me first comfort you and stroke and lick that young hard and now CUM FILLED cock for you.....your all built up! Mmmmmmmmmm thats better....relax.....let Mommy have a taste of you......with all this leakage I can tell you HAVE to release this build up......but first......tell mommy whats EXACTLY been missing in your young sexual encounters with these little girls. Go ahead......it's ok.....Mommy's listening and sucking and stroking all at the same time

Mommy just LOVES how hard you get when I come near you...and your COCK.....it's SO HARD! That's right...... mommy needs to teach you a little more this time. My sweet INNOCENT Angel.......we need to get you ready for the next one.....Thats it.....Hold on....Don't let go just yet......Mommy has a little surprise for you. Hold it....Hold it....

I think maybe it's time you got a little FEEL for the inside of MOMMY'S PUSSY! Yes baby.....that's right......Mommy knows you need a little pussy.....go ahead....slide him in....thats better......mommy knows what will make you smile again...........Mmmmmmmm doesn't that feel good.......Mommy's pussy has been so wet thinking of your cock in there...... You're so hard and I can feel you in there so deep....Mmmmmmm No No baby Hold it....Mommy cant't let you cum like this....not yet.....I just needed you to feel the difference Angel......we have more to learn......Now........lets do something about that release.....Mommy has much work to do with you and we need you relaxed to get started..... Ok....give me a little more control......are you ready Angel?

You WON"T want to miss the next segment of Mommy Knows Best and watch as my Innocent Angel begins learning control....stamina and what MOMMY's Pussy feels like...... Literally the Beginning of so much MORE to CUM!!!

MILF, Mature, Mom, Mother, Taboo, Big Tits

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Kasey Storm - Mommy Rides Her Son
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